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Digital & Lean Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Kaizen Communications can help you save money and sell more by improving your marketing activities with Lean Marketing.  Lean Marketing is about cost effectively acquiring good prospects, converting as many of them as possible into customers and then retaining the most valuable customers. That's it.  You probably understand this at a gut level, but you have questions.  Where should I spend my time and money to get the best Return on Investment (ROI)?  What should I do myself and what should I outsource to an agency?  How much should I spend on marketing and how can I measure the ROI?  These are all great questions, however if you speak to a large Agency, they will want to charge you to answer these questions, and they will usually come back with a standard template response that fits the services they provide.  Every business and especially small businesses are different, however, and the Marketing activities and organization that best support the business goals of one company, may not work for another.  You need a company who will take the time to understand your business, even if it's just started, or growing quickly, and help you put together a concrete plan to improve your marketing activities and become more profitable.  That company is Kaizen Communications.   Contact us today for more information on how to start making more money with Lean Marketing - info@kaizencomms.com.
Sponsorship Consulting
Sponsorships can be a very effective part of an overall marketing activity portfolio, as they can be effective at all points in a customer's brand & purchase journey, Awareness, Perception, Purchase, and Retention.  However, how do you know which sponsorship is right to help you achieve your business and marketing goals?  With 10 years of experience improving Epson's sponsorship program we can help you figure out which sponsorship ir right for you, and how to best activate it to maximize your ROI. 
Epson is a great case study for this.   10 years ago they had one of the worst sponsorship portfolios, with many of their sponsorship properties being chosen based on personal preference rather than actual contribution to the business.   After interviewing all the business heads and confirming the business goals for the next 3-5 years, implemented a sponsorship selection criteria that ensured that any selections would support those business objectives, and also implemented a rigorous evaluation framework that clarified the ROI for each property.  Based on this information, completely revamped the overall portfolio, cancelling several underperforming properties and adding a property that clearly supported the business objectives.  5 years later went through the same process and confirmed a shift in the business priorities, and updated the sponsorship portfolio to support that shift.  If your company's sponsorship properties or activations are not supporting your business and marketing objectives, then you need help.  We can help - info@kaizencomms.com.
Selling into Japan
Japan is an isolated island nation and can be a very difficult country to sell products and services into.  It's not just the language, but also the way that products are marketed, sold, purchased and consumed is totally different from countries outside of Japan.  And, business meetings in Japan can be incredibly stressful.  Every little detail is scrutinized, which side of the table do you sit on, how do you properly give and receive business cards, who is the real decision maker in the room?  If you don't know these things, your chances of doing business in Japan are slim to none, and slim just left town.  

You have 3 choices to get into Japan:
1) Go it by yourself.  Very challenging, especially if you are not fluent in Japanese language and business customs.
2) Partner with a company that specializes in helping companies set up an office in Japan.  This can work, but it is costly, and you really need to commit to being in Japan.
3) Work with Kaizen Communications to show that you can actually sell products and services in Japan, and then once you've proven this, we can help you find the right partner in Japan.
If you are interested in selling more into Japan, please contact Kaizen Communications now.


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